Guidelines for the students:-

*School Uniform is compulsory. Personal hygiene, cleanliness,hanky,

nails, uniform and shoes will be inspected every day during the morning assembly.

*Student must reach school in time. A disciplinary action will be taken against the student who is given more than three warnings.(for coming late)

* No leave will be sanctioned without the prior written permission of the parents.

* Absence without leave is seriously viewed and in case of 10 absence        the name of the student shall be struck off.

* Students are not allowed to take half day leave.

* Healthy and hygienic lunch must be brought, students are not allowed

to bring money/packed food/chips/kurkure/biscuits /chocolates etc.

*Students must be regular to their homework.


Guidelines  for the  Parents:-

*Parents  are not allowed to enter in the classroom to meet their ward        or the teacher .

* Any serious problem regarding studies or any other matter may be discussed with the teacher at any time but by the prior permission of Principal.

*Any change of address /telephone no. should be notified immediately        to the class incharge.


The Schedule of Examinations and holidays are   subject to change as per the instructions of

H.P.Education Department.


 We shall try our best to provide you the written information of the changes.