“Books are real friends of students”. Our school library serves good quality books which help students for studies. Reading books will make more focused and intellectual and knowledgeable. In place of teachers, the school library also serves good knowledgeable facts and many interesting information. We provide list of books to students, staff, and other faculty members.

Computer Lab

Our computer library is fully furnished with very good computers. Internet is available in systems. Printing and scanning are available from library computers. Full access is provided for staff and faculty.

Music Lab

Music lab is complete solution to teaching and learning music. It provides musical instruments like Tabla, Harmonium, Guitar, Veena, etc. Ready to music laboratory which makes learning music easy and fun.

English Language Lab

The english language has become essential in today’s life. It is must to learn english language for Indian student. So here in lab are providing our students more close to language and make their communicating skills in language more easy and confident.

Transport Facility