1. School fee should be deposited before 7th of every month. After due date2% per days as fine will be charged on the fee paid up to 15th of every month. If fee not paid up to 15th of the month name of the student will be stuck off from the class.

2. P.T.A Meeting will be held on every second Saturday of the month.

3. Application for half day leave will not be accepted

4. Students have to attend the classes regularly. 90% attendance is compulsory.

5. It is must for every student to participate in co-curricular activities.

6. Parents are not allowed to direct enter in the class room.

7. Discipline should be maintained in class rooms and campus

8. Students have to strictly follow the instructions issued by the head of the institutions.

9. Student will not give leave to participate in social functions.

10. All students are expected to be present in school within five days beginning of the New Session.

11. Principal will be the highest authority to take any decision against misbehavior.

12. Any criticism of school or staff by student or parents inside or outside the school will not be tolerated. If there is any problem on the part of the students or teacher, Problem will be solved by healthy discussion with the highest authority.

13. Parents may visit the school to discuss the progress of their wards on working Saturday only from 10:00 am to 1:00pm.